Our boot camps are intensive, accelerated learning programs that teach the latest technologies from the basics to advanced via a practically oriented training method

ZippyOPS is offering boot camps on DevSecOps, Microservices, and Cloud

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Practical Oriented

Our boot camps are purely practical oriented, where the theory will be a maximum of 10% and the rest 90% will be lab oriented,  where the trainee will be executing it in the camp

Real-life usecases

Real-life projects conceptualized by our subject-matter experts prepare you for industry exposure and test of your learning by solving the real world problems

Latest Curriculum

Our curriculum is relevant to the demands of the industry and our subject matter experts are hands-on to quickly give shape to the latest developments for up to date learning

Quality Instructors

Our trainers are not just trainers, they are experienced consultants who are working on real-time consulting projects and providing technical solutions as their day-to-day activity

Learner’s Engagement

As our boot camps are practical oriented and executing real-life projects, the whole learning process will be more engaging and trainees will gain more interest and enjoy the process 

Project Based Assesment

Our Assessment process is based on project execution and multiple-choice questions. As trainees learnings were assessed based on real-life project execution, it will be complete

Our Boot Camps

DevSecOps Bootcamp

The DevSecOps Bootcamp is developed by DevSecOps consultants and practitioners, inspired by the idea that everyone is responsible for building rugged software, improving security, and operating like a boss

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Microservice Bootcamp

The Microservice Bootcamp is developed by Microservice consultants and practitioners, will acquaint you with the concepts of Microservices. This Bootcamp trains participants to develop cloud-based, scalable, and fault-tolerant enterprise applications using microservices

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Cloud Bootcamp

The Cloud Bootcamp is developed by cloud consultants and practitioners, will acquaint you with the concepts of virtualization and cloud. This Bootcamp trains participants to maintain and manage enterprise applications effectively  on public, private and hybrid cloud.

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We assist you to maintain short and frequent development cycles, integrate security measures with minimal disruption to operations, keep up with innovative technologies like containers and microservices

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With our Enterprise Automation consulting, we help large, medium enterprises and startups achieve higher efficiency in Development and Operations, quicker time to market, better quality of software builds and secure delivery of softwares with early identification of emerging issues, without security weaknesses and letting the code be in a releasable state always. ‌ ‌