DevSecOps As Service

In DevSecOps, two seemingly opposing goals —“speed of delivery” and “secure code”—are merged into one streamlined process.DevSecOps involves creating a ‘Security as Code’ culture with ongoing, flexible collaboration between multiple teams.

AppSec is evolving, many organizations quickly realize that it’s not as simple as integrating their existing tools into their CI/CD pipelines and DevOps workflows. For small and medium enterprises, implementing DevSecOps and managing the tools will be a tedious job.

DevSecOpsAsService is hosted DevSecOps platform, where all the Open source DevSecOps tools were hosted as managed service.

DevSecOps Tools List

Below are the list of tools available in the DevSecOpsAsService platform

GitLab for Source Control Management

Jenkins for Continuous Integration

ClamAV for Antivirus Scan

Anchore for Container Image Scan

‌OWASP Dependency-Check for Software Composition Analysis

S‌onarqube for Static Application Security Testing

OpenVAS for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

ownCloud for Report hosting

EFK for Container log Monitoring

Prometheus for Container Monitoring

Grafana for Dashboard

Kubernetes for Container Orchestration

JFrog for Artifactory and Container Registry 

Zalenium for Functional Testing automation

SiteSpeed for Website Performance Testing

Link checker for Broken Link Check

‌Unique Advantages of DevSecOpsAsService

Unique and Modern

Hosted Saas Platform to cover all the aspects of DevSecOps

Right Pricing

No hidden charges, no suspicious plans, Just pay for hosting and support

Role-based access control

DevSecOpsAsService allows you to set up teams and users in various roles

Easy to use

DevSecOpsAsService has an easy-to-use UI and dashboard to Report the tools state

Plug and Play

All DevSecOps tools are integrated and available to implement the pipeline

Hosting Option

Your microservice application can be also hosted on the same platform 


Video of DevSecOpsAsService Features

DevSecOpsAsService is hosted DevSecOps platform, where all the Open source DevSecOps tools were hosted as managed service

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