Installation msi package in windows in puppet

Let’s look at how to install software using Puppet’s built-in package provider. To complete the instructions below, we need an .exe or .msi file of the software want to install. Here using Git as an example. In the code below, we installing Git from a local file location on the node but we can also specify a network file share. Note that any install options you specify must be supported by the .exe or .msi installer package. They are not specific to Puppet.

package {'Git':
  ensure => installed,
  source => 'C:\temp\Git-2.16.2-64-bit.exe',
  install_options => ['/VERYSILENT']

If we want to install a specific version of a package, or the latest version, you must give the exact version number in the ensure parameter. The built-in package provider doesn’t support using latest as a value for the ensure parameter with .exe or .msi files on Windows.
package { 'Git':
  ensure => '2.16.2',
  source => 'C:\temp\Git-2.16.2-64-bit.exe',
  install_options => ['/VERYSILENT'],

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