Jfrog integrating with jenkins

Create JFrog Artifactory credentials inside Jenkins

*From the Jenkins dashboard, click on "Credentials", then "System", then "Global credentials


*Click on the "Add Credentials" link on the left-hand side menu to create a new credential.

*Choose "Kind" as "Username with Password".

*Leave the "Scope" field on its default value of "Global".

*Add the Artifactory username ("admin") in the "Username" field.

*In the "Password" field, add the password for the account.

*Add an ID (name) in the "ID" field (for example "artifactory-account")

*Add a description in the "Description" field (for example "credentials to access artifactory


*Click on the "OK" button to save your settings

Installing the JFrog Artifactory plugin in Jenkins

*From the Jenkins dashboard, click on "Manage Jenkins", then on "Manage Plugins", and then on the "Available" tab.

*Type "Artifactory" in the Filter field

*From the available SonarQube plugins, select (tick) "SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins" from the list and click on the "Install without restart" button.

*Restart Jenkins if needed.

Configure the JFrog Artifactory plugin in Jenkins

*From the Jenkins dashboard, click "Manage Jenkins", then "Configure System"

*Once on the "Configure System" page, scroll down all the way to the "Artifactory" section.

*Tick the "Use the Credentials Plugin" check box, if you want to use the previously created credentials

*Under the "Artifactory servers" section, click on the "Add Artifactory Server" button.

*Give your Artifactory server a name using the "Server ID" field.

*Enter the Artifactory server URL in the "URL" field. Please note that you need to add "/artifactory/" to the domain name  even if your

Artifactory is a standalone server!

*Select your Artifactory credentials in the "Credentials" drop-down.

*Click on the "Test Connection" button to test your connection.

*Click on the "Save" button at the end of the page.

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