OpenVAS Installation and configuration

OpenVAS with the basic installation of system packages. While the hardware resources in this VM are 2 GB RAM and 2 CPUs.Once your Linux VM with CentOS 7 is ready, let’s log in with root credentials to update your system using the below command.

#yum update

Setup Atomicorp Repository

we will set up the Atomicorp repository freely available from the best known Atomic Secured for Linux that protects from thousands of risks and vulnerabilities automatically.

#wget -q -O - |sh

To proceed forward choose the Default option as "Yes" to agree to the Atomicorp terms. Then the system will configure the "atomic" yum archive for the operating system, to agree to this once again type "Yes" to Enable its repository.

Installing OpenVAS

we will run the simple yum command to install OpenVAS using its pre-configured atomic repository.

#yum install openvas

Setup OpenVAS


Step 1: Updating NVT, CERT, and Scap DB

The first step of OpenVAS setup will update NVT, CERT, and SCAP data

Step 2: Configure GSAD

In this step, we will configure the IP address settings for GSAD which is Greenbone Security Assistant a Web-Based front end for managing scans. So, we will choose the default settings here to allow connections from any IP.

Step 3: Choose the GSAD admin users password

This is the last step of OpenVAS setup where we will set up the user name and password for GSAD that will be used to configure the account.

Login to Greenbone Security Assistant

After the GSAD setup is complete, we will access its GUI from any web browser by giving the server's IP in addition to its default port.

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