Puppet Kubernetes


The two-node cluster that we will be forming in this article will consist of a Master node and a Slave node. Both these nodes need to have Kubernetes installed on them. Therefore, follow the steps described below to install Kubernetes on both Centos and Ubuntu nodes.


We need a PDK in puppet-enterprise,

IP in puppet agents

*Kubernetes master

*Kubernetes worker


Kubernetes master

Hostname= kubernetesmaster.zippyops.com IP=

Kubernetes worker

Hostname= kubernetesworker.zippyops.com IP=


Kubernetes master

Hostname= ubuntukubernetesmaster.zippyops.com IP=

Kubernetes worker

Hostname= ubuntukubernetesworker.zippyops.com IP=


To create a puppet module on the puppet master




Pdk new module kubemaster Pdk new module kubeworker

In puppet master modules,

PATH /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/module git clone [email protected]:tamilsaran/kubernetes-module.git

to using git clone command to download the module,

IP [kubernetesmaster]

If  changing the IP means to this path /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/modules/kubeworker/manifests/worker.pp

This centos Kubernetes master IP,


Finally getting the Kubernetes master and worker nodes.

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