Rundeck - Installation and configuration

To install rundeck on centos 7 you need java in your system so install java on your server

#yum install java-1.8.0

Rundeck rpm File to Install Rundeck

#rpm -Uvh

Install rundeck on centos 7

#yum install rundeck

Edit Rundeck configuration files 

In the framework, properties change localhost to your server IP.

#cat /etc/rundeck/

# -


# ----------------------------------------------------------------

# Rundeck server connection information

# ---------------------------------------------------------------- = localhost

framework.server.hostname = localhost

framework.server.port = 4440

framework.server.url = http://localhost:4440

change the grails server url from localhost to your server ip

#cat /etc/rundeck/


Running below command to verify the rundeck status

#service rundeckd status

start the rundeck service

#service rundeckd start

Change the Rundeck Login Password

The default login/password for Rundeck is admin/admin and we should change this.

#cat /etc/rundeck/

change the line




save and exit

Login To Rundeck:

Rundeck will run on port 4440 so in the browser enter http://your-server-ip:4440

the default username and password for rundeck is admin/admin

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