Salt stack execution module

Salt execution module is a Python module that runs on a Salt minion. It performs tasks and returns data to the Salt master

Prepare Salt

The files created in the following steps will be located in the /srv/salt directory. If we have changed Salt’s default file_roots configuration, use that directory location instead.

creating the /srv/salt directory if it does not already exist. This is where we will place our top file and our Salt state file

#mkdir /srv/salt

Create a top file in /srv/salt which will be Salt’s point of entry for our Salt configuration

# cat top.sls



    - weather

Create a state file named weather.sls and instruct Salt to make sure our minions have PIP installed, as well as the required Python library.

# cat weather.sls





    - require:

      - pkg: python-pip

Apply these state changes

#salt '*' state.apply

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