Rundeck - Adding nodes

Adding Nodes In Rundeck:

Create a project in rundeck GUI with the name as test-project.

After creating the project in rundeck GUI some configuration files will be created in /var/lib/rundeck/projects/your-project-name. Here it is /var/lib/rundeck/projects/test-project

#cd /var/rundeck/projects/test-project/etc/

#touch resources.xml

resources.xml is used to add the nodes in the rundeck server.

#vi /var/rundeck/projects/test-project/etc/resources.xml

add below lines

Note: hostname value is IP of your remote node

Save this file and restart the Rundeck service.

#service rundeckd restart

we have added a remote node in rundeck. But if you run any job, the job will fail. Since we have not shared the keys with the remote node.

Copy Rundeck Public Key:

By default, the rundeck server has rundeck user and ssh keys. So to communicate the rundeck server with nodes we have to share the public keys of the rundeck server with nodes.

#cat /var/lib/rundeck/.ssh/

Copy this public key. We will put this key in the remote nodes.

In The Remote Nodes:

Create rundeck user:

In the remote node create one rundeck user

#adduser rundeck

create ssh directory for rundeck user

#mkdir  -p /home/rundeck/.ssh

#touch /home/rundeck/.ssh/authorized_keys

Give Appropriate Permissions to .ssh Files

#chown rundeck:rundeck /home/rundeck/

#chown rundeck:rundeck /home/rundeck/.ssh/authorized_keys

Add rundeck user to sudo user.



Add The Public key Of rundeck Server, in remote nodes rundeck user authorized_keys

#vi /home/rundeck/.ssh/authorized_keys

Add the public key which you copied from the rundeck server and we have successfully added node in rundeck. Now you can run jobs in nodes.

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