Salt stack file server

The SaltStack which comes with a simple file server used for distributing the file to different Salt Minions is known as Salt File Server.  It is basically a stateless ZeroMQ server that is developed into the Master. 

The main purpose of the Salt File Server is to represent the files for their use in the Salt State System.  The Salt File Server can be used for transferring the general file to Salt Minions from the SaltMaster. 

SaltStack - Git as a File Server

Git is basically an Open Source Distributed Version Control System used to keep track of modifications made in the file. Salt sends the files using Git File Server from the Git  Repositories.

A user can configure the Git to the ‘fileserver-backend’ list option and if the user wants to configure more than one repository, it can be done by using the gitfs_remotes option.



Benefits of SaltStack

There are several benefits of using the SaltStack, and they are mentioned below:

Robust: Saltstack is a simple, powerful, robust configuration management framework that can work efficiently with thousands of systems simultaneously without hassle. 

Authentication: SaltStack supports secure authentication. It uses the Secure Shell protocol for authentication purposes. 

Secure: It maintains data security by using encrypted protocols. 

Fast: Saltstack is a very lightweight, fast communication bus that is a base for remote execution engines

Virtual Machine Automation: Saltstack uses Virtual Could Controller capabilities for virtual machine automation. 

Infrastructure as data, not code: Saltstack delivers model-driver configuration management, simple deployment, and commands execution framework.

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