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Notifications and alerts

With Zabbix, it is possible to send notifications and alerts when any metric matches a specific expression, for example when Solr CPU usage is greater than 90%, or when Redis RAM usage is more than 1GB.

Before we can set up a trigger for the notification we need to do a bit more configuration:

Zabbix calls delivery channels Media types. In addition to E-mail and SMS, Zabbix supports tens of other integrations like Zendesk and Slack.

You can check all the available out-of-box Media Types on the "Media types" page (Administration -> Media types).

Start by configuring the "Email (HTML)" Media type 

Assign "Media types" to the administrator user

Once "Email (HTML)" and any other Media types are configured, they need to be assigned to users:

*Open the "Users" page (Administration -> Users)

*Click "Admin" user

*Open the "Media" tab

*Add a new item with "Email (HTML)" type and provide your administrator's email as the value for the "Send to" field

*Assign any other needed Media types

*Click the "Update" button to save the settings

Enable notifications

*Open the "Actions" page (Configuration -> Actions)

*Click "Report problems to Zabbix administrators"

*Enable the "Enabled" checkbox

*Click "Update"

when notifications are enabled and they will be sent to the configured channels once the steps above have been completed.

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